Joshua Lee Stein's Intuitive Bodywork Massage

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I am Joshua Lee Stein, the local massage and bodywork therapist in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. I have been active in holistic health field since 1984 and in Jamaica since 1994. My work is a synthesis of several massage and bodywork therapies. A session with me blends deep and light massage with movement, sensitive touch, and energetic awareness. These elements allow for the spontaneous release of neuromuscular tension and/or pain. My sessions generally feel comfortable, safe, pleasureable, and as tension releases, very relaxing.

Statement of Purpose

It is my intention to use the skills I have learned and developed over twenty-five years for the health and well-being of my clients.Whether their goal is simply to relax or to release neuromuscular pain and tension. I promise to use my skill to the best of my abilities and in my clients best interest, always.

Accomplishment Profile

  • Ten years extensive training in various bodywork, massage and energy work therapies.
  • In private practice since 1984 as a massage and bodywork therapist, both in the US and Jamaica.
  • Proven ability to facilitate short and long-term relief of neuromuscular pain and tension, and to help clients achieve a state of deep relaxation.
  • Training clients in the use of effective posture and movement exercises, if necessary.
  • Sensitivity to client's needs.

Why Jamaica ?

Treasure Beach

I first visited Jamaica in 1969 and right away I fell in love with its beauty. In those early days it was mainly the excitement of discovering this other world where life seemed simpler and more relaxed. As time went on I came to develop a love for the people - so easygoing, honest, fun-loving and vital.

In 1992 I discovered Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth on Jamaica's relatively undiscovered south coast. I knew then that I had found the place I wanted to keep coming to. It had the small town charm and sweetness that I had not seen at the bigger beach resorts. Everyone seemed friendly. Suddenly the idea came to me - why not try working in Jamaica, in Treasure Beach? Two years later I made this dream a reality. All these years later and I'm still at it, with no regrets.

Brief History

My interest in bodywork and healing is an outgrowth of my participation in T'ai Chi, which I have been practicing for over thirty years. T'ai Chi is based in the Chinese martial arts but is studied in America primarily for healing, relaxation and meditation. It is an internal art which means it stimulates and enhances the circulation of chi or universal healing energy and opens the same channels as acupuncture but through breath and movement instead of needles. Through T'ai Chi I became aware of points of tension in the body and how to relax them.

I decided to study Ortho-Bionomy®, a bodywork therapy which emphasizes gentle exaggeration of stiff or painful joints and muscles into comfort to stimulate the nervous system to release holding and pain.

Other aspects of the work includes posture and movement exercises and working with the human energy field or aura. I studied the work extensively for ten years.

After some years I continued to expand my knowledge through the study of CranioSacral therapy, various massage techniques and other bodywork and energy systems.

I had a private practice in Madison Wisconsin (USA) for about ten years. During this time I worked with many clients to expand and release patterns of holding and pain for a variety of neuromuscular conditions.

After moving to Jamaica in 1994 and getting involved with the tourist trade in Treasure Beach the focus of my work has shifted somewhat from the therapeutic model to one emphasizing relaxation massage. But whether a client's interest is pain relief, deep relaxation or both I am here to assist them.

I have been working in the Treasure Beach area for more than twenty years, offering massage therapy and healing bodywork. I have seen literally thousands of clients both foreign and Jamaican. Many have called my work the best massage they have ever experienced. I am grateful for that, of course, but I am more grateful for the opportunity to do the work I love in the beautiful setting of Treasure Beach, Jamaica.